AgWeather Combo Product


The AgWeather Combo (Forecast & Summary) Product gives detailed forecast information in three-hour intervals given out to 48-hours, followed by a one to seven day forecast, and a past seven day summary, including agricultural data for soil, plant, and atmospheric conditions. Seasonal summaries and comparisons to thirty-year climatology are included with this product.

Weather Information Included with this Product
One to seven day summaries for the most popular variables such as maximum and minimum temperatures, three-hour air temperatures, two-inch soil temperatures precipitation, evaporation (pan), relative humidity, wind speed, degree days for crop and insects, and spraying and drying indices, six hour precipitation amounts and probability, three hour leaf wetness totals, wind direction and speed, cloud cover and radiation and percent of total possible.
Daily summary for the past seven days of maximum and minimum temperatures, maximum and minimum two-inch soil temperatures, daily totals of precipitation, evaporation (pan), wetness and radiation, averages of daily relative humidity, wind speed, percent of possible radiation, drying and spraying indices.
Seven day forecast and ten day outlook for primary variables listed above.

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Ag-Weather Combo Product
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Ag-Weather Combo Product
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